How can a Personal Injury Attorney Help you After an Accident?

Accidents happen, and they can leave you with a severe personal injury for the rest of your life.

In addition, you may have to spend time in a hospital, leave your daily chores, and pay all medical bills. It is unfair to bear the consequences on your own especially if you are not at fault.

This is why hiring a personal injury attorney is a good idea. Even if you are at fault your personal injury attorney can help you get compensated.

A study showed that overall, 70% of the people have claimed that they received compensation with the help of a personal injury attorney.

Let’s discuss some of the benefits of working with a lawyer:

  • You will get professional guidance
  • Personal injury lawyers can take the matter to court
  • You will save your time
  • Personal injury lawyers can protect you
  • A higher chance of getting compensated

You will get professional guidance

We understand that after a traumatizing accident, it can be hard to recollect the details of the accident.

Insurance companies take advantage of such vulnerability and may use your statements against you.

That is why hiring a personal injury attorney before filing a claim with insurance is very important.

Instead of speaking with involved insurance parties on multiple occasions, you will speak with the attorney once who will then take over all of the communications.

Hiring a personal injury attorney will ensure the case is resolved in your best interests.

You may not know how much compensation you deserve or what the legal process is, so hiring a personal injury attorney will assure you that you have taken every step in the right direction.

Personal injury lawyers can take the matter to the court

Insurance companies will try to downplay your property and bodily injury while hiring a professional injury lawyer will give you an advantage in the situation.

If you suffered a bodily injury and trying to get compensated from an insurance company, hiring a professional injury attorney can be very beneficial for your case.

The attorney knows your rights to be able to protect you and, if necessary, will take the case to court.

No insurance company wants to pay a visit to Los Angeles courts, and they often agree to settle the case easily if a professional injury attorney is involved.

According to the U.S. Department of Justice, almost 90 to 95 percent of injury cases are settled before going to trial if you hire a professional injury attorney.

You will save your time

At first, you may feel that it is an unnecessary or time-consuming task to hire a personal injury attorney.

However, in reality, it can save you a lot of time.

First, you will save time describing the accident to different insurance parties multiple times.

Second, cases that are being handled by personal injury attorneys are resolved much quicker than those without.

Without a lawyer, a case may take up to 6 months or even a year to finally resolve.

Even being persistent will not help you move the case forward, which is exhausting and time-consuming.

With someone who knows how the process and is experienced in accident cases, less time is required to finish the process.

On top of it all, cases with attorneys receive higher payouts.

So hiring a professional injury attorney can save a lot of time, and energy and get you a higher compensation.

Personal injury lawyers can protect you

When you get into an accident and you are not at fault, you have the right to get financial compensation for the bodily injuries and property damages.

The other party at fault can play many tricks to avoid paying for the caused damages.

The tricks include false accusations, changing what happened, and even hiding the evidence.

These tricks can be a lot to handle for a person who went through an accident and has no legal help.

That is why a personal injury attorney can protect you from such accusations.

When you tell everything to your personal injury lawyer, they will know how to use the evidence and how to handle the other party.

The legal know-how can help make things much more manageable.

Get the peace of mind you deserve while only focusing on your quick recovery.

A higher chance of getting compensated

Statistics show that your chances to receive a higher financial compensation increase when you hire a personal injury attorney.

Did you know you can get compensated for skipped work hours?

An attorney can fight for your right to receive compensation for lost wages by filing a third-party claim.

After the accident, your form of transportation may be the first obvious damage that you will notice and ask for compensation for.

However, if you got a bodily injury it’s not always so obvious. You may get a concussion and not realize it until later.

Your body parts may start to hurt the next day which means you most likely need to see a doctor.

Often physical therapy for a prolonged period is required for recovery.

Finally, these visits take time away from work if you can show up to work at all.

We feel that your recovery should be the highest priority.

The first thing you should do is hire a personal injury attorney.

He/she will ask you the right questions and make sure you get compensated for everything and promptly, while you are resting and working on your recovery.

Final Verdict

Accidents are a part of life.

But you should never, in any case, tolerate every damage on your own.

It is your right to get help and compensation you deserve, whether or not you are at fault.

You may not know rules and laws that can benefit you in the best way, but your personal injury attorney knows it all.

So it’s better to get a consultation immediately after an accident and get the compensation you deserve.

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