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The whole world is your home, business, and property to you and your family. We believe that if a fire, flood, or other unexpected natural disaster occurs, your insurance company should treat you honestly, and you must receive the most appropriate compensation.

Unfortunately, recording and filing physical damages claims after a natural disaster can be complicated. Moreover, even if you record your losses correctly, the insurance company does not always pay you what you think is fair.

In this article, we will be discussing the following:

  • What does a Property Damage Attorney do?
  • Types of property damage
  • Who can be responsible for property damage in California?
  • What loss can you recover if your property is damaged?
  • Lawsuits for property damage
  • Choose an experienced Property Damage Attorney

What does a Property Damage Attorney do?

Property damage attorneys generally deal with false property-related complaints. Landowners secure their property to protect them in accidents and other unexpected circumstances. Insurance companies give you peace of mind by protecting your properties if an accident happens.

From time to time, homeowners misunderstand their policies and file claims for losses not covered by their insurance plans. However, insurance companies may even deny the claim that they should be compensated. An attorney can help you get compensation for property damage and all of the other benefits you deserve in the situation.

Types of property damage

Property damage includes damaging or destroying what your business owns. It may comprise work vehicles, company assets, office equipment, and merchandise contained within them.

In most situations, your case is between you and your insurance company, and they know precisely how to put pressure on it.

Types of property damage in Los Angeles are:

Damaged homes

Your home may be your palace, but you may not have a real castle fortress. It is vulnerable to various damages, including damage from hazards such as fires, floods, winds, and earthquakes.

If your proprietor’s insurance covers the types of damage your home has suffered, you should be compensated for the damage by your insurance company.

Damaged businesses

Commercial insurance is designed to protect your business from various damages. Still, too many business owners will attempt specific measures to prevent insurance companies from delaying the completion of transactions.

Damaged motor vehicles

Probably the most common type of insurance is because most states require drivers to be insured, and automobile insurance needs to cover all kinds of damage to the vehicle.

That includes damage to sunken ships. Call a property damage claim lawyer if your car insurance company covers your costs or is hesitant to repair your car.

Other items

You can ensure almost all types of assets can be prepared to handle all kinds of property damage cases. Regardless of the type of property involved, check your situation.

Who can be responsible for property damage in California?

When you claim property damage in California, you usually deal with an insurance company. The insurance company may not have damaged your property, but you have purchased home or car owner insurance through that company, and you are seeking compensation.

Property damage attorneys in California have experience fighting insurance companies in court and can help win disputes. The insurance company may not give you the correct amount, but when you take legal action against them, the judge will be more willing to increase your settlement.

What loss can you recover if your property is damaged?

If your property is damaged due to fire, earthquake, flood, or theft, you may be entitled to compensation for the loss. Such as, you can get compensation for damaged structures, vegetation and crops, injuries, living expenses, mental distress, and other damages that you and your family may have suffered.

After an event that damages your property, you may be required to waive, receive disclaimer consent, or make a statement. Before doing anything, you should consult a lawyer to make sure you are fully compensated for your loss.

Statute of limitations for property damage in California

Statute of limitations is a term used to state the period during which a plaintiff can file a proceeding against a defendant. The statute of limitations changes from state to state. If you suffer any personal injury, you must comply with specific statutes of limitations before making a claim.

If you apply the statute of limitations, the proceedings will be dismissed. According to Article 338 of California’s Code of Civil Procedure, the deadline for claiming property damages is three years.

Specifically, the law provides “procedures to prevent the intrusion or damage of immovable property” and “procedures for the seizure or damage of property or movable property.”

In practice, this means that if a person illegally enters another person’s property and damages someone’s property, the plaintiff can sue the defendant for more significant property damage.

If a request is filed after three years, the defendant is likely to file a dismissed case, and the court may agree. The property loss claim itself cannot be filed against the defendant.

Lawsuits for property damage

Insurance companies may not be involved in any property damage cases in Los Angeles. In some cases, the negligent party may be sued for property damage.

Property damage claim attorneys also know how to handle these types of cases. They seek compensation for all losses you incur (including damage to your property) due to the recklessness or negligence of others.

If you consider filing a property damage lawsuit, it is essential to remember that you don’t have much time to waste. California’s statute of limitations for these actions is three years from the date of damage. Your case will almost certainly be ruined if you file after this deadline.

Choose an experienced Property Damage Attorney

LA Attorneys Group is one of California’s experienced property damage firms with a high reputation. With our years of experience, we have recovered a lot of interest from corporate and individual clients.

No matter how complex your insurance proceedings are, our team has the skills to protect your rights in insurance disputes.

By contacting our office, we will discuss the details of your damage with one of our experienced lawyers and consider the value of your case.


Your property damages claim can be huge, and your negligent insurance company may be looking for ways to refuse or reduce your compensation. Your insurance company may also be unfair, mainly if your claim is worth it.

You need an experienced property damage attorney who can lead you through the procedure of filing a claim and negotiating a settlement for you.

Call LA Attorneys Group to arrange a free consultation and find out how to help you.

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