Our company, LA Attorneys, is a group of Personal Injury and Immigration Law attorneys who offer customers across the region a complete range of legal services. We deliver high-quality legal alternatives that reflect each individual client’s specific requirements. Our company's attorneys are well-respected and have established a reputation throughout a wide variety of fields for our abilities including Personal Injury: road traffic accidents, medical malpractice, personal property damage, dog bites, slip and fall cases; and Immigration Law: visas and Green Cards, business and employee immigration, family immigration, naturalization and citizenship, and more!

If you are in need of legal support, our company is here to fight for your rights and support you throughout the legal process.

Personal injury

Personal injury attorneys are civil litigators representing clients–generally referred to as plaintiffs-seeking psychological or physical injury as an outcome of negligence or deliberate acts by another individual, business, corporation, public agency or association. The tort law is a specific area in which personal injury lawyers concentrate. Personal injury law relates to the legal remedies and protections introduced as an outcome of misconduct engaged in civil lawsuits.

Although attorneys with personal injury cases are equipped with permits to practice in all aspects of law, they generally manage tort law cases such as job injuries, slip and fall accidents, traffic accidents and other associated incidents. Personal injury attorneys assist their clients that have faced losses and are in need for compensation. These losses in which customers face during accidents include loss of earning potential, failure to perform ordinary tasks, pain, and hardship. Additionally, they include costs that may occur, such as emotional support loss, legal expenses, and emotional distress. Our areas of practice are:

and More!

Immigration Law

We have constructed up an effective title as Los Angeles attorneys who provide a full range of Immigration services, whether you are applying as a business or an individual. When in need of getting nonimmigrant or immigrant visas, changing your status, applying for Citizenship and Naturalization, and more, understand that you can indeed seek support and advocacy from our team. Our areas of practice are:

  • Nonimmigrant Visas

  • Immigrant Visas

  • Green Cards

  • Green Cards Citizenship / Naturalization

and More!

Our Duties

There are many responsibilities for Personal Injury and Immigration Law attorneys to help their customers. These responsibilities include codes of behavior, both ethical and professional, as well as guidelines established by organizations that license attorneys.

Our responsibilities

The sole responsibility of our attorneys is to speak directly and interview clients in order to evaluate their cases. They also define the relevant problems in the case of the client, and then undertake studies to construct a strong argument. Lawyer’s most significant mission is to assist clients to get the compensation and protection they seek after injury and distress. This is accomplished through recommendation, advocacy, legal counsel and oral arguments for clients. The case generally goes to trial if both candidates fail to reach a friendly peaceful agreement. When serving clients mandates, personal injury attorneys are anticipated to follow strictly defined principles of legal ethics.

Our prices

There is no existing fixed price related to a particular accident. Every single situation is exceptional. The assessment of your situation contains a number of variables, including the quantity of insurance accessible, the price of medical expenses and the proportion of fault. Much of this information and evidence of your injury is undetermined, but it is simpler to estimate the cost of a claim as your cases advances over time. Our objective is to collect this data as soon as possible, thus helping you prevent the tactics that insurance companies use to diminish your claim.

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