Los Angeles Personal Property Damage Attorneys

If your personal property has incurred damages, your insurance company will often cover the cost of reparations or will replace your personal property.

However, if you can’t acquire the appropriate compensation for your personal property, contact our top-tier attorneys!

Our personal property damage attorneys will help you build a strong case and will tirelessly advocate for your rights.

We understand that personal property damage can be very stressful and often results in expensive bills. We want to help you properly recover from the damages to your personal property.

Find A Top Personal Property Damage Lawyer in Los Angeles

If you’re having trouble with your insurance company and have been offered very little compensation for the damages to your personal property, you should work with a professional lawyer!

Personal property includes your home (apartment, house, building), business, vehicles, and more.

Bargaining and negotiating with insurance companies can be difficult and overwhelming. This is where our skilled personal property damage lawyers come in!

Our Los Angeles-based property damage lawyers will work relentlessly to defend your case. They won’t stop until you receive fair compensation for your personal property!

Here is how our top property damage attorneys will help you:

  • Evaluate and prepare your case professionally
  • Gather all the information to support your case
  • Inform you of your rights, and local and state regulations that apply to your case
  • Prepare you for meetings with your insurance company
  • Negotiate proactively during these meetings with your insurer
  • Defend your case fiercely until a fair settlement is reached
  • And more.

Contact our professional lawyers today to get a free case evaluation that will answer all your questions.

Common types of Personal Property Damage

Your personal property can be damaged for multiple reasons and this can result in dangerous living conditions for you and your loved ones.

We want to help you recover from this painful experience and get the compensation you deserve for replacing or repairing your property.

Before building your case, it will be important for us and for you to understand the cause of the damages and the liability involved in the case.

Here are some common types of personal property damage:

Damaged Home

Your home is susceptible to damage from fire/smoke, earthquakes, landslides, waterfloods, storms, foundation cracks, vandalism, etc.

It is devastating to see your home damaged and can be difficult to pay for expensive repairs or replacements.

If your homeowner’s insurance policy covers the type of damage incurred to your home, you have a right to get the appropriate compensation for the damage.

Damaged Business Structure

Your business structure can also be affected by the same reasons mentioned above. Your business insurance should protect your business from all of these damages.

However, if your insurance company doesn’t want to provide the appropriate compensation for the damages incurred, our experienced attorneys will lead negotiations and get you the compensation you deserve.

Damaged Vehicle

Damages can also happen to your vehicle, and in most states, you are required to have auto insurance that covers all of these damages.

If your auto insurer is reluctant to offer fair compensation for the reparations needed for your car, contact our reliable property damage attorneys.

Other Items

You might have insurance for other personal property items.

Call our personal property damage attorneys and we’ll gladly offer you a free consultation to evaluate your case. Receive personalized legal advice from the top property damage attorneys in Los Angeles.

Filing a Personal Property Damage Claim in California

If your attempts to negotiate with your insurer and reach an agreement are unsuccessful, you can file a lawsuit for personal property damage. In some cases, you can also sue a negligent party for the damages to your personal property.

We’re here to help you navigate the property damage claim process in California!

Our dedicated attorneys have in-depth knowledge of property damage lawsuits and California’s laws and regulations. They will proactively take charge of your case and they will fight relentlessly for your rights.

It is important to note that California’s statute of limitations is three years for property damage claims.

This means that you need to file a claim within three years of the date of the damage. After the deadline has passed, the other party will likely request a case dismissal and the court is likely to grant this dismissal.

There are some rare cases for which a deadline extension applies and our attorneys will let you know if you qualify for them.

Contact The Best Property Damage Attorneys in Los Angeles

At LA Attorneys, our team of personal property damage experts will thoroughly analyze your case, negotiate with your insurance company, and help you build a strong defense claim if needed.

With our expertise in negotiations and our in-depth knowledge of personal property damage cases, we will help you obtain the maximum settlement.

We’re here to help you recover from your personal property damages! Contact us today to schedule a free consultation with our dedicated attorneys.

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