Daniel Yesayan

Daniel Yesayan is a highly respected attorney based in Los Angeles, specializing in personal injury law. He holds the position of partner at LA Attorneys, a well-known legal firm exclusively dedicated to managing cases related to personal injury.

Proficient in English, Armenian, and Russian, Daniel passionately represents a diverse range of clients, leveraging his language skills to establish effective communication. Throughout his professional journey, Daniel Yesayan consistently exhibits a dedication to achieving outstanding results, earning a reputation as a committed and assertive attorney striving for justice on behalf of his clients. Notably, Daniel Yesayan has shifted his practice focus solely to personal injury law, highlighting his unwavering commitment to this specific legal domain.

With considerable expertise, Daniel excels in protecting the rights of his clients, particularly in the field of personal injury law. He concentrates on guiding clients through the proper procedures for filing insurance claims related to injuries, ensuring they receive the compensation they rightfully deserve in his capacity as a partner at LA Attorneys.

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