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posted byLA Attorneys GroupNovember 17, 2021

In recent years, the number of pedestrian accidents and deaths in Los Angeles has increased dramatically. Smartphones, speeding, cars, motorcycles, trucks and people sharing roads are responsible for this unfortunate wave.

Pedestrian accidents are almost always devastating or even fatal, like car accidents. In addition to catastrophic injuries, victims also face high medical costs, loss of income, and lengthy healing periods. And this does not take into account the mental costs that such a severe accident may incur.

In most cases, pedestrians can be injured after a bicycle or motorcycle accident. If the negligence of others results in a subsequent accident or injury, you should be compensated. Los Angeles pedestrian accident lawyer can help you regain financial compensation for your damage.

In this article, we will be discussing the following things:

Do I need a Pedestrian Accident Lawyer to resolve a case?

If you are a pedestrian in a car accident and are seriously injured, you should be compensated. But, regaining compensation is difficult; it is impossible without a suitable representative.

Damages compensation is the key to helping victims recover, so you should consider hiring a Los Angeles best pedestrian accident lawyer right away.

Here are some aspects a lawyer can help you deal with pedestrian accidents:

  • They can help verify guilt and demonstrate responsibility
  • They have the means and assets to determine financial losses, which will help you get the compensation you need and deserve
  • They can serve as a negotiator with insurance companies
  • They can instruct you on the suitable next steps

After an accident, what should you do?

If you or your loved one is a pedestrian involved in a car accident or collision in Los Angeles you will need to hire a lawyer .

They file proceedings and handle all the facts to bring it before judges and juries or make sure there is a satisfactory out-of-court clearance and all.

What can be done after an accident of any kind? Such as photos and videos of the scene, police reports, medical reports, invoices and reports from first responders and other medical personnel, or eyes witnesses? If you ever have an accident, be sure to see a doctor even if you feel well.

Injuries such as stroke can take hours or days to appear, and early treatment not only relieves pain and suffering in the long term but also provides a record of the incident for future claims.

Who is the guilt of a pedestrian accident?

A negligent driver is always responsible for damage caused by a pedestrian accident. Pedestrians may have suffered in a traffic accident because they have no protection from serious injury. Drivers of cars, trucks, buses, and other vehicles are almost always considered to be legally negligent.

Several factors or reasons increase the risk of accidents involving pedestrians, people walking on the street, or people crossing qualified intersections.

These include but are not limited to:

  • Right of way cannot be transferred to pedestrians
  • Traffic light monitoring failure
  • Reckless driving
  • Inattentive or poor driving
  • using phone while driving
  • Driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Elderly driver

What can you claim as part of my pedestrian injury claim?

To prove many of injuries, you usually need a doctor and specialist who can demonstrate on your behalf and can often be quite high-priced.

In general, the elements and categories of damages that you can claim are:

Economic Damages

  • Medical and therapeutic costs
  • Lost income and lost profitability
  • Unjust death, loss of income, financial support
  • Property damage (such as laptops and other items you may have carried)
  • Out-of-pocket costs, including dosage, direct medical insurance, etc.
  • Retraining or training so that you can return to work in the event of bankruptcy
  • Other missed opportunities and costs incurred in the accident

Non-economic Damages

  • Pain and distress
  • Mental distress
  • Loss of fun in life
  • Wrongful death (loss of support, loss of dating, loss of love, and many more)
  • Loss of consortium (for the spouse of the injured or dead victim )
  • Other non-economic losses incurred as a result of injury or accidents

How to establish accountability in a pedestrian accident Case?

California is a comparative negligence authority. State negligence standards have a significant impact on Los Angeles pedestrian complaints. To grasp the driver or other person responsible for a pedestrian accident, petitioners alleged that the defendant did something reckless or negligent and that the reckless or careless behavior contributed to their accident.

It could be difficult to prove negligence in some cases. Because California is a relatively negligent state, defendants may attempt to attribute some or all of the accidents to pedestrians. If the pedestrian accident is found to be partly your fault, your compensation will be decreased.

Don't let this happen to you - you should be represented by a pedestrian accident lawyer who can carefully investigate your case and prepare the necessary evidence to prove the other party's carelessness.

LA ATTORNEYS- the best Pedestrian accident lawyers

Most pedestrian victims don't know what to do after the accident. Pedestrian Accident Lawyers ensure that you have all the evidence you need to take the correct actions to recover and resolve the issue.

La Attorneys can help you deal with the pedestrian accident situation. We handle all the paperwork and take care of the insurance company, so you can focus on recovery and bring your life back to normal.

We also arrange medical appointments with the best professionals for you. We provide you with the best legal representatives and support you at every stage. Talk to an experienced lawyer at La Attorneys right away.


If a pedestrian accident left you unemployed with sudden medical bills, it's essential to make every effort to maximize your chances of success.

It is important to understand that the other party will cover injuries, pain, distress, and medical costs. A pedestrian accident lawyer can help you navigate the billing process and seek justice and maximum compensation from all responsible parties.

Contact LA Attorneys Group for more information and details.

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