How To Know If You Need Slip And Fall Accident Attorney

posted byLA Attorneys GroupApril 29, 2020

If you slip and fall outside of your home and are injured, a slip and fall attorney will help you acquire the compression you may be entitled to.

Accidents happen all of the time. However, some accidents are preventable.

If you are injured outside of your own home due to another party's negligence, that party is responsible for your injuries.

If you’re interested in pursuing a case against a business or homeowner who you believe caused you or your loved one an injury through negligence, you may need slip-and-fall attorneys on your side.

What is a slip and fall case?

What’s commonly known as a slip and fall case occurs when you or a loved one is hurt in another person’s house or business.

Many injuries come with medical expenses that need to be paid or even emotional trauma caused by the incident.

If you are injured and had to pay for medical expenses, you may be compensated for those financial losses.

However, there must be proof of liability to successfully pursue a slip and fall case.

What Is Liability?

Liability, in general, is described as the state of being responsible for something by law. Slip and fall attorneys are particularly concerned with premise liability. Premise liability is when an individual or business is responsible for a particular area or building. Those with premise liability are responsible for sustaining a safe environment for all visitors or customers at all times.

When you need slip and fall attorneys?

It may be difficult to determine when your situation is prime for slip and fall attorneys to help. However, if you or a loved one has been injured in another’s home or place of business, you may be able to recover medical expenses and damages based on the owner’s neglect.

To prove premise liability you must be able to prove the following:

Duty Of Care

The duty of care deals with who is actually responsible for the premise’s upkeep. So, keep in mind that the responsible party must be the one responsible for maintaining a safe environment for patrons and guests. Proving duty of care can be especially hard to prove in rental situations or when taking legal action against a business.

Breach Of Duty

A breach of duty is when someone fails at their responsibility to maintain safe premises for guests. A documented and identifiable breach of duty is essential for a successful slip and fall case. It is not enough for a dangerous condition to be present.

There must be proof of neglect in one of the following ways:

The Breach Was The Cause

Last but not least, you must be able to prove that the breach in duty by the party who holds the duty of care was the cause of the injury for which you are seeking compensation. In other words, the injuries must be consistent with the unsafe condition allowed by the party responsible for the premises.

Why you need slip and fall attorneys?

Slip and fall attorneys are experts in law and can help you prove all 3 of the necessary points to have a successful case. These types of cases can get particularly messy and hard to prove. Having the expertise of an attorney who is well-versed in these types of cases on your side is a great way to ensure success. If you have medical bills that you cannot and should not pay or would like to seek damages for neglect, the best way to have a successful outcome is to employ slip and fall attorneys.

We Can Help!

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