Experiencing Back/Neck Pain after a Car Accident? Get Compensated

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Injuries of back and neck pain after a car accident are common. These injuries are quite enervative for the victims of these accidents. The effect of neck and back injuries can plague victims of these accidents for years, including high medical costs, absenteeism from work, and constant pain.

Accident victims can claim their total amount of loss due to neck and back injuries from their negligent driver and his insurance company responsible for them.

Here, at LA Attorneys Group, our road accident lawyers have earned a reputation for maximizing the consequences of the accident victims facing problems related to severe and prolonged neck and back injuries. Visit us in the office or contact us online to learn about your fundamental rights after an accident.

In this article, we will be discussing the following things:

Major Causes of Back and Neck Pain After Car Accident

Injuries of the back and neck pain after a car accident are not as noticeable as other injuries like broken bones. That's why mostly the causes of neck and back pain after a car accident remain unclear. Therefore, it is essential to get yourself medically treated as soon as possible.

Discussed below are some most common causes of neck and lower back pain after a car accident:


Whiplash is among the major causes of neck pain after a car accident. Mostly, due to back-end collisions, whiplash occurs each time the neck moves swiftly back and forth while the body is at rest.

It causes serious damage to the intervertebral discs and nerves inside the neck and can take time to recuperate.

Lumbar sprains and strains

Lumbar sprains and strains arise in the lower back due to intemperate force stowed on the area in the event of an accident.

This strain strikes the muscles and tendons. Lumbar sprains arise when the ligaments in the back are stretched beyond the normal range of motion and cause back pain after a car accident.

Spinal stenosis

In the words of medicine, the term stenosis means an anomalously narrowed spinal canal. The occurrence of this in the spine means pressure being exerted on the spinal cord and nerves.

Commonly due to a fractured disc or bone fragments, the narrowing of the spinal canal had occurred. If it happens a back pain after a car accident occurs.

Disc herniation

A herniated disc is another relatively common injury that could occur back pain after a car accident. In this, a soft gel-like filling inside the herniated disc juts through a hard outer shell.

These injuries are excruciating and can take more extended periods to heal.

Joint injuries

Joint injuries comprise tension, sprain, fracture, strain and dislocations in the back and neck joints. Symptoms related to these injuries differ depending on the type of injury.

Generally, they cover swelling, difficulty moving or visible displacement, or joint damage, and cause the back and neck pain after a car accident.

Spinal cord injuries

These are serious as the spine can undergo many injuries such as herniated or ruptured discs and, in worse cases, paralysis.

All the injuries discussed above are excruciating and take months and even years to heal. On the other hand, accident victims are usually unable to return to work immediately and face increased medical costs because of the expensive treatment.

Therefore, if you have back or neck pain after a car accident, you are advised to look for legal advice immediately to understand your legal right to compensation.

Medical condition and treatment just after the neck injury

For a car crash victim, the permission of expeditious treatment by a spine surgeon, except for an actual spinal cord injury or nerve injury is rare in the milieu of neck trauma.

Grip strength is critically limited, the strength of the arm is severely restricted. In the case of a lumbar spine injury, it manifests as foot drop (dragging or inability to walk properly) or Cauda Equina syndrome.

Monetary settlement you can expect

Several factors will decide the amount of settlement money ; these include:

Severity and duration of the injury:

Road accidents can result in neck injuries like mild sprains, whiplash and even neck fractures. Back injuries could be placid, such as exertion or strain, or severe, such as spinal cord injuries and even paralysis.

Personal injury insurance transactions or jury verdicts provide higher compensation for more serious and long-term injuries.

Paid and to be paid medical bills:

These compensation costs can range to millions of dollars in debilitating spinal cord injuries or paralysis, but all road accident victims have the right to treatment compensation.

It costs approximately $ 10,000, for the surgery for herniated discs. X-rays of mild misalignment and sprains can cost thousands of dollars, and physiotherapy for injuries of the back and neck pain after a car accident can cost even more than $ 100 per session.

Compensation for lost wages:

If you have neck or back pain after a car accident, you have the right to cover all the income you lost due to your injury or hospitalization.

Also, the one you may lose ahead, due to your impotence to work in the future. Let's suppose, if a professional tennis judge injures his neck or spine, his loss of income may be compensated.

You have the right to sue for your injuries after an accident

You have the right to sue if in case your car insurance company refuses or terminates the payment of non-negligence benefits related to your injury.

You have the right to sue a driver responsible for back and neck pain after a car accident and compensation. But before this, you have to prove the driver guilty for causing an accident and that your back injury is severe, according to law.

Furthermore, you also have the right to sue the accused driver for other financial damages like a considerable amount of medical expenses and lost income.


If you got injured and have back and neck pain after a car accident while at work, you need to have a professional Lawyer. That file a case against the insurance company to ensure you get the compensation amount you deserve.

As you may know, insurance companies do not give out money that easily. They will try to keep as much money as possible to make more profit. In this case, you will require a trained lawyer who is well aware of the rope and is all set to fight for you.

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